Free Ebook: Why the procurement department is drowning

Download this Ebook to learn how effective sourcing and management of your suppliers can improve profit, increase innovation, and drive competitive advantage; allowing you to safely navigate toward success while leaving your competitors all at sea.

Proxima procurement Ebook

Business has changed. The trend of corporate virtualization, driven by globalization, free trade and the internet, has meant that the majority of your business’ needs now sit outside the organization – with your suppliers.

Externalization means that your company is now an island, forced to sail the high seas in search for suppliers from a vast sea of virtualization. However, internal procurement functions do not have the right means or equipment to navigate this sea of supply effectively.

This creates some incredibly complex problems. 
Solving these problems with the current resources, skills and capabilities is like fighting against a strong current – it’s tiring, energy intensive and typically yields little results.

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