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The changing nature of business (pt 9): Creating a cost-conscious culture

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While 88% of finance leaders believe that their focus on total cost savings has increased, according to recent research, 71% of them are continuing to see indirect costs growing and labor costs shrinking. And yet headcount reductions remain a top priority for cost reductions…

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Why labor isn’t working (as a way of boosting struggling earnings)


Apple is the world'’s largest company - and happily, for those who care about such things, it'’s both an innovator and a manufacturer. A symbol, if you like, for progressive capitalism in the 21st century: neither pure-play service business nor industrial-age dinosaur.

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The changing nature of business (pt 3): Who’s really responsible for cost management?

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If you talk to a CFO about '‘costs'’, you'’ll be listened to.  It'’s clearly the CFO’s area of responsibility.  Yet if you talk about '‘procurement'’ to a CFO, in most cases you will get very little air time.  And yet, they'’re the same thing.  How has this situation come about?

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Be wary of very high ROIs in procurement


I’'ve had numerous conversations with CPOs in my time who have said they are very proud of achieving a 10x, 20x, or even 30x ROI on their team cost.  And research has claimed that world class procurement functions achieve a ROI twice as high as the average. But both of these measures are not only far too simplistic, they are misleading and are forcing the wrong behaviors in our business leaders. And here'’s why...

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The £10 billion profit opportunity


How smarter cost management can help the FTSE 350 delight their shareholders

Business has changed. Since the last major recession, we’ve seen the rise of globalisation, the internet has become all-pervasive and assumptions about the strength of our financial systems and governments brutally undermined. Management teams can no longer rely on the tried and tested methods for working through a tough economy.

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Leveraging an innovative purchasing operation at LaFarge


Paul Harridine [PH] VP Purchasing for Europe at LaFarge discusses how an innovative Purchasing operation can deliver value, more than just savings, back to the end customers of the business.

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