Webinar: The procurement team of the future

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Proxima webinar: The procurement team of the future

The trend of Corporate Virtualization (increasing use of suppliers in place of staff) means that there are layers upon layers of suppliers which are part of your business, and directly impact your ability to achieve your corporate objectives.

Managing this network of disparate and disconnected supply is fundamentally different to managing a traditional, commodity focused supply chain and requires a fundamentally different set of skills.

In this webcast, the panel discuss the trend of Corporate Virtualization and how it has changed the way that procurement teams operate, and explore the skills and resources required by the procurement teams of the future if they are to keep up with this trend.

The webinar panel:

Robin Shahani (TD Ameritrade)


Tim Cummins (IACCM)


Jon Hansen (Procurement Insights)


Jonathan Cooper-Bagnall (Proxima)


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