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Procurement outsourcing risks and rewards

Mar 2, 2011 9:37:00 AM

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Proxima (formerly buyingTeam) in association with Procurement Leaders Network investigate procurement outsourcing benefits and speak to several CPOs who are using procurement outsourcing to their benefit.

Read case studies and real world views from Bank of America and O2 as well as interviews with procurement experts from Unilever, Axa and British Airways.We have also conducted an in-depth research study, the results of which are included in the supplement.


Highlights from the supplement include:


  • Who’s doing what?
  • Procurement outsourcing in facts and figures
  • State of the Market research and results
  • Interview with Andrew Loken of Proxima on investment, CFO relations, risk and how procurement outsourcing embraces them all
  • Check-list for CPOs

Procurement outsourcing risks and rewards

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