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Procurement and profitability - the opportunity for UK PLC

Mar 3, 2011 4:31:00 PM

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PLC's in the UK are under significant pressure to improve corporate performance to meet shareholder demands for an increased return on their investment. Many organisations have reduced their internal headcount so much that any further reductions would undermine productive capacity - the question is how can UK PLC drive profitability without further reductions...

Proxima’s research shows that the FTSE350 could improve its EBITDA by £53 billion from better procurement performance on non-labour items. This represents the most significant opportunity to improve bottom line delivery to shareholders currently available to businesses.

Highlights from this paper:

  • Analysis of the scale of opportunity that exists for UK plc to drive enhanced bottom line performance
  • Commentary on trends and issues of focus
  • Benefit of indirect procurement and its impact on the business as a whole

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