Opportunity assessment

Proxima spend opportunity assessment

Are you able to see the forest for the trees when it comes to spending your company’s money?


Getting absorbed in the day-to-day, often means finding the time to step back and review your spend as whole can be difficult. When you do have the opportunity, you need the expertise to know where to look and the ability to take immediate action. It can’t be a theoretical exercise. You need to know the results are right so you can bank the value.


Our comprehensive opportunity assessment service can help you identify areas where costs efficiencies could be improved; highlights systems, processes or tools that might be holding you back; or can help you identify value leakage.

Our people are in market every day and able to apply a realistic lens to your spend, helping you to uncover new opportunities, spot areas that need attention and identify where value leakage can be prevented.

 Proxima’s opportunity assessment provides you with:

  • A deep analysis of supplier and spend activity across your business, highlighting savings opportunities, ineffective spend, business unit synergies and risks
  • A practical road map to prioritise and build-out your pipeline of activity based on identified opportunities
  • Guidance around resources, capabilities, technology and systems needed to maximise the value from all identified opportunities

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