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Business has changed: The average Media & Entertainment business spends twice as much on suppliers' than its people

Yesterday’s pay checks are today’s supplier invoices

This is because it’s now better, faster, and cheaper to use suppliers in certain areas than to build an internal function. Furthermore, reducing non-labor (supplier) costs is more than twice as effective for increasing profitability than slashing the headcount. On average, reducing non-labor costs by 1% can improve EBITDA by 4%. 

However, managing cost and business performance across this extended enterprise requires a fundamentally different approach to conventional supply management techniques. An approach we call Catalytics®.

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Large sources of insight, knowledge, innovation, expertise, and cost no longer originate from within your business, but from within your suppliers’. In this increasingly externalized environment, maximizing value for money from your suppliers has a major impact on your company’s ability to achieve its financial, operational, and strategic objectives.

Our Catalytic approach gives a profoundly different experience to your people, as well as to your suppliers. It aligns your spending with your operational and strategic aims. And it boosts profitability in a sustained way.  

Proxima operates across the U.S. and Europe, and manages over $10 billion in operational spend from clients across a broad range of industries including consumer products, healthcare, media and entertainment, and retail. More information can be found at