Discover how to effectively manage your supply base

Evolutionary cost management in financial services

Cost management techniques have been quietly evolving in the back offices of financial services businesses whilst the debate around remuneration continues - distracting execs and the public from the real game of changing the way FS businesses (particularly banks) are run.


Why do FS businesses struggle with effectively managing their supply chain?

Our research explores why many businesses fail to drive maximum benefits out of their total supply costs and recommendations for effectively managing these costs.


Banks seek agility, transparency and transformation from procurement

Transparency into how a business spends its money is valuable. But understanding what is driving a spend pattern, where demand is coming from and how can it be managed effectively - differentiates good from great procurement.


How to avoid value-erosion and cost-leakage in Financial Services

In Financial Services, driving costs out is not a one-off project - it's an evolving process that needs to be managed to avoid cost leakage.


Is Barclays getting holistic?

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" is an old saying and it's been particularly pertinent over the past five years. A more modern meme is the "new normal". Both, however are closely connected. And a good illustration of how and why is the news coming out of Barclays.


Proxima appointed by SAV Credit on five-year outsourcing contract

Proxima announces that it has been appointed on a five-year contract to manage external supplier costs and relationships for SAV Credit.

Understand how to add value, above just cutting costs

Facilitating change in Financial Services

True transformation - the kind of change that will allow financial services players to refocus on growth rather than watching the cash - needs a holistic approach. It demands that every process is examined and questioned, whether it's how transaction risk is managed or the robustness of a software supplier.


Powering your business through procurement outsourcing

Our research investigates the efficacy of outsourcing as a solution for augmenting existing capability, enhancing expertise and enabling procurement to power your business.


ING Direct: refocusing on the core - a CFO perspective

ING Direct's CFO discusses his role in bringing the distressed UK business back afloat during the financial crisis, Barclay's acquisition of ING Direct UK and how cost management is a top priority for all involved in financial services.


Financial Services: it's not about the money...

It is true that every little helps. But understanding the entire value chain and infrastructure make-up can ensure the business's supply chain continues to match its strategy and support growth.


Achieving higher ROI with fewer people at AXA insurance

AXA Insurance's Group Procurement Director discusses how strategic business partnering allowed AXA to achieve greater ROI, while reducing absolute head count.


Corporate risk: when upside is a downer

Any accountant will tell you that more businesses go bust in the recovery from a downturn than in the recession itself. A big reason for this is poor risk management – because managers think they can stop worrying. They can’t.


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