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Digital Marketing Services

Finding commercial success in the digital marketing maze


Proxima Digital Marketing Services

Is your digital marketing disconnected from your business?

The total spend on advertising in 2015 will reach $187bn in the US, and $23.5bn in the UK.

Spend on digital marketing (search engines, mobile apps, newspaper websites, video-on-demand services, etc.) in 2015 will consume 50 percent of total advertising budgets in the UK (totalling around $11.9bn), and 30 percent in the US (around $50bn).

However, recent research has found that up to 35 percent of all web activity is actually fraudulent or artificial. Further, 54 percent of online ads are not even seen by a human due to viewability issues.

In our experience...
...companies are ineffectively spending between 40 and 60 percent of their digital budgets.

Infographic: The digital disconnect

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Proxima Digital Marketing Services

Better commercial outcomes

Achieving spend effectiveness, better control and better commercial outcomes, requires transparency across the entire spectrum of digital expenditure.

How is money being spent?

Where is the brand appearing?

Which new tools and technologies are relevant?

What are the key metrics?

How does each digital channel connect with commercial and wider corporate objectives?

Understanding all of these points is critical to maximizing the digital marketing investment in light of your corporate objectives.


What we offer

Through our experience we have developed a best-practice approach to driving maximum ROI out of digital marketing budgets.

Our Catalytic® procurement platform sits at the heart of our approach, enabling us to deliver:

  • Increased visibility around spend effectiveness
  • More informed commercial decisions
  • Access to leading digital marketing knowledge and expertise; as and when you need it



Proof we deliver


Reducing waste

Proxima worked alongside a global telecommunications company to review its digital agency roster, specifically those responsible for paid search marketing. After a full review, including challenging the methodology for paid search, Proxima introduced suitable partner agencies to the client and further challenged the incumbent to work in a more sophisticated way.

Ineffective spend (waste) was reduced by 11 percent, which was invested elsewhere within the marketing budget; 29 percent of the top 150 keywords were identified as having tracking inconsistencies; misleading, confusing or incorrectly priced ads were eliminated. The client now has more control over inbound web traffic and its commercial outcomes. It can identify significantly more potential/new customers on the site in real time.


Big insights

Proxima enabled a global business to improve programmatic spend effectiveness by 18 percent.  Proxima identified steep hidden margins and "bot" traffic which in the worst instances meant that only 9 percent of spend was buying space for human web traffic; something that directly affected the client’s view of this channel’s effectiveness.

Proxima initiated a process that deep-dived all agencies and intermediaries involved in the programmatic buying chain. This led to greater transparency into rates and targeting methodologies. Through this process Proxima identified spend inefficiencies of around $386,000 in the UK alone, which were redirected to other parts of the digital media budget.


Commercial integration

Proxima enabled a leading FMCG company to boost online engagement for its “blockbuster” advert through real-time buying. By challenging the incumbent media agency to optimize the creative content of the campaign, Proxima could more effectively define the targeting parameters to enable better real-time buying. 

As a result, the campaign doubled the expected engagement rate, raising the “noise” around the brand which has projected a significant increase in spontaneous brand awareness, brand “likeability”, market share and ultimately future product sales.

Proxima procurement service

Why Proxima?

Proxima acts as an independent interface between your marketing team and your marketing agencies and suppliers. 

Our custom digital marketing services ensures your investment into the digital space is working harder, delivering better ROI and closer aligned to your corporate objectives.

The key to success

Today, marketing teams are heavily reliant on an increasing array of specialist agencies, brokers and intermediaries to deliver new strategies against a backdrop of massive shifts in media fragmentation, connectivity, customer attitude
and behavioral changes.

It is within this ‘middle-man’ ground that significant money is wasted due to poor visibility into how each of the players actually operate and how they contribute to the wider
business objectives. Achieving spend effectiveness, and in
turn better control, requires transparency across your
entire digital spend.

Understanding how your money is being spent, how commission structures work, where your brand is appearing, what the latest tools and technologies are, what you should
be measuring and how each of the channels within the
digital space connect with your wider corporate aims,
is critical for getting the best commercial outcomes from
your digital marketing investment.

Discover more at our webinar

Watch our exclusive webinar to gain insight into the general state of digital marketing, best practices and learn how to maximize your ROI through better control over your digital marketing expenditure.

The webinar outlines how to drive better commercial outcomes from digital marketing through better control over your digital marketing. The discussion:

  • Offers perspectives on the state of digital marketing from client side / agency side / procurement

  • Presents new research into the state of digital marketing spend patterns

  • Highlights four critical issues driving poor digital marketing activity and to how to overcome these

  • Discusses an unexpected, unconventional approach to maximizing your digital spend

  • Recommends five tips for getting more from your digital spend


Working alongside our clients, Proxima's unique approach offers...

Marketing teams
Dynamic support in a dynamic environment. We are in this space everyday, helping our clients understand and drive better ROI out of the complex network of agencies and middle-men to ensure their marketing budgets are being spent wisely, effectively and are contributing to the growth agenda.

Executive teams
Better insight to ask the right questions. Our unique approach offers enhanced visibility around your investment into, and impact from, your digital marketing efforts. This increased level of visibility enables you to ask the right questions about this area of increasing investment - enabling you to make smarter investment decisions.

Procurement teams
A platform to delight your customers. Our unique approach enables you to better engage with your stakeholders beyond the contract. Our operating model delivers knowledge, expertise and insights directly to you, ensuring better conversations with your customers and driving better commercial outcomes for your business. 

"It is vital that any ATL campaign is amplified by digital reach and engagement. We have worked with Proxima across our agency mix to achieve optimal value to support all of our advertising initiatives." 

Megan Harrison, Brand Director at Warburtons


"Digital marketing is an essential and ever evolving way of reaching and engaging music fans all around the world. Working with Proxima helps ensure that we are continually developing and improving the most effective and economical tools for this critical area of our business." 

Olivier Robert-Murphy, Global Head of New Business at Universal Music

Free Guide

Download our digital marketing best practices guide


Download a best practices guide to driving better commercial outcomes through marketing spend.


Download our best practices guide offering recommendations for maximizing your digital marketing spend.

This whitepaper explains why the value of digital activity remains opaque, the reasons for poor digital spend practices, and presents a practial guide for gaining true business value from digital marketing through better procurement practices.

With this guide you will be able to achieve spend effectiveness, greater control and better commercial outcomes from your digital marketing investment.

The digital disconnect