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Catalytics: the end of the unhealthy obsession with savings

Matthew Eatough
Oct 22, 2013 2:00:00 AM

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We at Proxima believe too many businesses have an unhealthy obsession with savings. Whilst savings are of course important, no business ever saved its way to greatness.  Procurement should be offering much, much more.

Great procurement is about transforming performance by unlocking the potential of suppliers. Not beating them up and pushing them away.

The conventional 'savings only' approach is unhealthy because budgets are not spent to save money, they are spent to achieve something worthwhile. Thinking otherwise is to allow the ‘procurement-tail’ to ‘wag the strategic-dog’.

We believe the challenge is to magnify the effect of every penny spent to drive business performance and to eliminate any wasteful expenditure.

We see time and again businesses taking a 'conventional' approach to procurement - yet we believe that conventional is not what most businesses want. Or need. What’s needed is something much more change orientated, service driven and business strategy focussed.

We call it Catalytics®

To help bring the concept of Catalytics® to life you might find teh below pieces of content interesting:

We think these are truly exciting times. It is an immense source of pride to have taken some extraordinary clients on journeys that have amazed and delighted them. 

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