Whitepaper: Catalytics© pillar 2 - structuring the business for strategic supplier relations

Catalytics© by Proxima: Structure

An executive’s guide to overcoming the structural misalignment between your suppliers and your business 

Procurement needs to be developed in a way that mirrors the structures of the business and its natural rhythms. Traditional procurement functions often work in a silo, geared to their own narrow focus – usually cost savings – rather than meeting the dynamic needs of their user departments.

This whitepaper draws on research conducted in association with the University of Oxford and provides you with ideas and tactics to create a strategic force that unifies procurement, and functional supplier relationships, across your business.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about:

  • The importance of effectively structuring your business for strategic supplier relations
  • How to build a robust foundation that supports a fully integrated supplier management function
  • Co-ordinating and integrating supplier activities across functions to drive synergistic benefits and break down silo mentalities. 
  • The Catalytics© framework – and why structure is a key component

Download the whitepaper here