Whitepaper: Catalytics© pillar 3 - the importance of expertise

Catalytics© by Proxima: The importance of expertise

An executive's guide to mastering successful supplier relationships

Building and managing successful supplier relationships – and constantly finding new and better ways of using the supply eco-system to drive long-term value – requires the right level of knowledge, insights and capabilities. It also demands an ability to effect change both inside and outside the organization.

This whitepaper draws on research conducted in association with the University of Oxford and explores the skills, expertise, insights and leadership qualities your procurement team needs to realize long-term, sustainable value from your supplier relationships

Download this whitepaper to learn more about:

  • The importance of expertise and specialist skills to get the most from your supplier relationships
  • Why it is necessary, yet uneconomical, to recruit and retain experts in all spend areas across your business
  • How to build and maintain an exceptional level of expertise within the procurement and supplier management functions, and the tools required for doing so.
  • The Catalytics© framework – and why mastery is a key component

Download the whitepaper here