No country has ever left the European Union before. Brexit has shown the degree to which the legal sector is insulated against wider economic and market malaise. Immediately following the vote, predictions far and wide were made about changes that would
occur in everything from immigration to the future of the UK as a political entity, trade policies
including impact on supply chains, together with specific economic impacts including migration of key talent pools and the future of the City of London.

Proxima and the Buying Legal Council have joined up to bring you insights and information on the impact of Brexit on legal services.

We explore these predictions:

• Transactional lawyers might have some time on their hands
• Law firm financials will be affected
• London lawyers won't seem so pricey anymore
• Firms will move loads of lawyers to Ireland
• US firms might need to re-examine their European operations
• London offices of US firms might start to shrink

Which of these predictions have come true and what is likely to happen next?

Follow our series to see how all of these issues have and will continue to play out for the legal services community.