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The face of Proxima: an overview of our new creative elements

Feb 8, 2012 8:33:00 AM

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Week two into our transition to our new brand at Proxima, we continue to hear positive feedback and comments. Today we thought we would offer some insight into the creative aspects of our new brand identity.


The new imagery used across the various collateral, web and advertising is based around a suite of bespoke graphic illustrations. The imagery used by most professional services industries has been plagued by the notoriety of ‘'smiley happy'’ people at work, or clumsy metaphors, such as tigers or ladders.  Just look at a range of B2B websites and you’ll see what I mean.

In contrast, we wanted imagery that would be a real differentiator, and which over time people would instantly recognise as Proxima.  And we wanted an approach that was distinctive, professional and confident.  So we have taken an abstract graphical approach in our imagery.  This enables us to represent relatively complex ideas in quite attractive ways, and in ways that are closely aligned to our corporate brand. 

The illustrations we have developed are all based around ideas and concepts used in our key messages and help to underline the qualities and benefits we bring to our clients. Each illustration features the chevron motif (the arrows used to centralise our logo), making them unique to Proxima and the new brand we are building.

Corporate Colours

Our corporate colours are a key part of our brand. Our primary colours are a dark blue (forming the first half of the Proxima logo) and gun-metal grey (forming the second half of the logo).

When used together (or on their own for that matter), these colours have a strong professional quality that helps to give the brand a sense of depth and stature. These primary colours are supported by a distinctive and lively secondary palette. This palette of colours features extensively across all our new brand materials and will help to differentiate our communications.

For a first-hand look at the colours and images - look at out our rebrand brochure by clicking here.

We welcome your thoughts, comments and feedback on the graphical elements of the new Proxima brand identity.

Proxima Group

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