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Global myths of procurement outsourcing: Series summary

Dec 12, 2012 12:16:00 PM

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This is a round-up of all the posts in our global myths of procurement outsourcing series. I'd like to thank everyone who contributed comments and offered insight towards dispelling some of the common myths that circulate around procurement outsourcing. Hopefully we have gone some way to help achieving that.

Procurement outsourcing is a rapidly emerging model for how to operate a core business function. As an organization that is blazing the trail in this area, we face some interesting challenges.

A crucial one for us is enabling the market to understand what procurement outsourcing is. And what it is not. And, perhaps unsurprisingly for a new area, there are a lot of misconceptions out there.

For example, there is no market wide view of what procurement outsourcing is. Instead, the understanding amongst Finance and Procurement leaders is wide and varied - largely based on people’'s fears, hopes, experiences and expectations. As a result, there are many myths in the market around procurement outsourcing.

This blog series was written to dispel some of these common myths that circulate around procurement outsourcing, and hopefully we have gone some way to help achieving that. To set the record straight, here'’s a summary of the truths that counter the myths.

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