Enhancing and redefining the role of indirect procurement

NelsonHall and Proxima ran a study involving 120 CPOs and CFOs from FTSE 100 organisations across Europe and the US to better understand procurement’s changing role within business today. Focusing on indirect (or non-core / GNFR) procurement, the in-depth study identified a number of challenges and opportunities for global businesses in realising maximum benefits from indirect expenditure.

Nearly 60% of board level executives, perceived indirect procurement's importance as moderate to low (or putting it another way, place little importance on the value that indirect procurement can deliver back to the business).

However, experience has shown that better managed indirect expenditure can deliver significant profit improvements, reduce the levels of risk to which organisations are exposed, and positively influence buying behaviours across the organisation.

So why isn’t indirect procurement higher up senior executives agenda and how can organisations overcome these perceptual challenges?

Access the webinar to discover how

Access the webinar

Rachael Stormonth - NelsonHall

Rachael Stormonth

Senior Vice President, NelsonHall

Rachael is NelsonHall Senior Vice President and has day-to-day responsibility for all NelsonHall research. She also manages the Key Vendor Assessment subscription program and leads the procurement BPO and document management BPO subscription programs.

Guy Strafford - Proxima

Guy Strafford

Chief Client Officer, Proxima

Guy is responsible for key client relationships, advising on procurement strategy and business development across Proxima. Guy joined Proxima in 1996 and was an Account Director for a range of clients for several years. Prior to training as a Chartered Accountant at KPMG, Guy studied politics, philosophy and economics at Oxford University. He is a regular speaker at conferences and commentator on the procurement industry. Guy is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, and a Fellow and Board Member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.