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2014 wrap-up: What's the point of procurement?

Dec 2, 2014 7:54:00 AM

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This round-up of sought after research, articles, webinars and interviews offers some insight into the journey that procurement has undertaken throughout 2014 and offers some thoughts around what might be to come in 2015.

Following a chaotic 2013 marred with a multitude of supplier related failures; 2014 quickly became a productive year for procurement. Articles by the likes of Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Hackett Group, and The Financial Times, all called for business leaders to take more time to uncover the hidden value that lies relatively untapped in their supply management operations. This bright light now shining onto procurement is a great opportunity for those forward thinking executives looking to break into the boardroom, and an ideal point (for those already engaged with the board) to reiterate the importance of procurement in business for 2015 and beyond.

Below is a round-up of popular research, panel discussions, whitepapers and thought-pieces which offer insights into the journey that procurement has undertaken throughout 2014 and presents some thought-prompters on what might be to come in 2015.

Top 5 whitepapers

  1. 5 key recommendations for maximizing your audit tender process
  2. Corporate virtualization: A global study of cost externalization and its implications on profitability
  3. Retail's best kept secret: A CFO's guide to achieving sustainable profit improvement
  4. Why do businesses struggle with effectively managing indirect procurement? 
  5. Powering your business through procurement outsourcing 

Top 5 discussions

  1. Sales and procurement - a corporate paradox
  2. Showing procurement's true value
  3. 10 questions senior executives should be asking about their cost base
  4. 3 reasons social media is important to procurement
  5. No cost is an island

Top 5 pieces of thought leadership

  1. Infographic: Accountants warn on audit market reforms
  2. Ebook: Why the procurement department is drowning
  3. Infographic: Ever wondered about global business' spend patterns?
  4. Interview: The realization of corporate virtualization
  5. Insight: Get the right auditor for your business

Top 5 Videos

  1. Shifting corporate management's attitudes towards procurement
  2. Procurement is broken
  3. The changing value proposition of procurement
  4. Some important questions for business leaders
  5. The procurement team of the future

Top 5 media mentions

  1. Harvard Business Review: Leaders can no longer afford to downplay procurement
  2. Financial Times: Good governance is about more than just numbers
  3. Financial Director: Stop firing your best assets
  4. Commitment Matters: The case for an integrated commercial service
  5. Real Business: We need to talk about your suppliers

If you have any key standout moments from 2014, or predictions on what 2015 may bring, please do leave a comment below.

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