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Was 2013 the tipping point?

Jan 29, 2014 3:46:00 AM

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As 2014 begins, we've taken a look back over 2013, putting together this selection of our most popular whitepapers, blogs, discussions, and videos.

2013 proved to be a somewhat tempestuous year, as a light was shone on the risks inherent in the new age of extended supply chains (horse meat, anyone?). Despite the reoccurrence of sourcing disasters and the seemingly never-ending series of financial services scandals, there seems to be some end to the proverbial tunnel already in 2014. Although the new year is still in its infancy, the good news stories are beginning to stack up: 

  • UK GDP showed strongest growth in half a decade in 2013
  • US GDP growth continues (but employment has some ground to make up)
  • IPO and corporate activity are both heating up (with a string of retail floats in the UK expected in 2014)

Will it last? We're tempted to say 'who knows,' but the answer, as it relates to our corner of the world, is more likely, 'doubtful.'  For as long as the supplier network grows, there will be more and more opportunities for failures, scandals, financial loss, reputational damage and tabloid-like headlines.  But whatever 2014 brings, this much is clear:  2013 was an evolutionary, noteworthy and not to be forgotten year (though, perhaps, some wish it would be).  With that in mind we've put together a list of our most popular whitepapers, blogs, discussions, and videos, charting the journey of both procurement and the wider business climate throughout 2013.


Top 5 whitepapers

  1. Corporate Virtualization - a global study
  2. The £10 billion profit opportunity
  3. New rules for cost management
  4. Retail's best kept secret
  5. Why do businesses struggle with effectively managing indirect procurement?

Top 10 blogs

  1. Is the word 'procurement' toxic?
  2. Procurement not following rules for success, time for a rethink
  3. Sustainable sourcing? Don’t make me laugh.
  4. What CFOs can learn from Einstein
  5. The impact of ‘corporate virtualization’ on your supply chain
  6. Trust us, fee decrees are not the answer
  7. The verdict: Procurement IS toxic
  8. Catalytics: the end of the unhealthy obsession with savings
  9. Top 5 tips for managing your virtualized/extended enterprise
  10. Managing cost to generate growth and unlock competitive advantage

Top 5 videos

  1. Clear proof - the bottle
  2. Procurement is broken
  3. Some important questions for CFOs
  4. Catalytics: A new business practice
  5. Cold hard proof, the refrigerator

Top 5 discussions

  1. The alignment of the procurement function to the wider corporate aims at Vodafone
  2. Mending a fragmented function. Colt Technology discuss how they repaired a disjointed procurement unit
  3. Supply chain finance and procurement at Coca Cola
  4. Overcoming forecast uncertainty and volatility at Innocent Drinks
  5. ING Direct: Refocusing on the core - a CFO perspective

Top 5 pieces of press coverage

  1. The Wall Street Journal: Outsourcing labor continues, poses risks for some
  2. The Sunday Times: Heads don’t need to roll, Mr Axeman
  3. Hfs Research: Why so many cost-obsessed CEOs will fail
  4. Chief Executive: CEOs - don't prepare the pink slips just yet
  5. CFO: Cutting costs? Don’t look at head count first

Top infographics

  1. Ever wondered about global business’ spend patterns?
  2. The 'virtual' Dutch company

Top articles from friends of Proxima

  1. Hfs Research: “Outsourcing is DEAD! Long Live Outsourcing…”
  2. Harvard Business Review: Three rules for making a company truly great
  3. Spend Matters: The value of Procurement in Product Development

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